Resources and Energy

Initiatives were developed that would complement the Pala Energy Conservation Policy and Pala Water Protection & Conservation Policy that were adopted by the tribe in 2007.


  • Lighting motion sensors added to storage and housekeeping closets
  • Timers added to all pools, spas and fountains Parking structure lighting reduced 50 percent
  • Exhaust fans retrofitted with CO2 sensors to reduce running time
  • Incandescent lighting replaced with efficient, low-energy lighting
  • Lighting motion sensors installed in administrative offices
  • Waterless urinals installed in all new-construction bathrooms
  • Water conservation initiated in all hotel rooms
  • Option program initiated for hotel guests to re-use linen
  • Banquet water stations provide only eco-friendly cups
  • Temperature regulation equipment expanded
  • Loading dock doors refitted with automatic doors to prevent heat loss
  • Energy audit completed with San Diego Gas & Electric to improve savings and efficiency
  • Hotel room temperatures controlled electronically during check-out
  • Completed pollution prevention assessment with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Plastic disposable cups replaced with bio-degradable paper cups at self-serve drink stations
  • Styrofoam eliminated from team-member dining area
  • Automatic paper towel dispensers installed in all bathrooms
  • Housekeeping changed chemical cleaners to green cleaning products