Casino Hosts

Kathy Sharp - Executive Casino Host


After completing her undergraduate studies in college, Kathryn began working at Pala Casino Spa and Resort in March of 2001 just prior to the Grand Opening in April. Kathryn was quickly promoted to Executive Casino Host in 2003 and has been happily helping serve Pala’s guests during swing shift ever since. Please feel free to stop Kathryn while she is out on the casino floor for help with any of your gaming needs.

Cell: 760-801-4606 Email:

Lord Jeffrey "L.J." Rojales - Senior Executive Casino Host


Lord Jeffrey Rojales or L.J. was born and raised in the Philippines. He is fluent in Tagalog and is currently working on a degree in Linguistics at Palomar College. L.J. spent more than 8 years in the guest service industry and applies all aspects of guest relation practices he has acquired to serve Pala’s guests.  Whether you are looking for a private table or spa reservations, L.J. is here to help you during the swing shift.

Cell: 760-801-4988 Email:

Diana Barnett - Senior Executive Casino Host

Diana Barnett is excited to be a part of the world-class Guest Development team at Pala Casino Resort & Spa. She has been with Pala since September of 2006 and has over 10 years in Casino and Hospitality industry, from Las Vegas to California. Diana takes pride in being able to provide superior service to all of Pala’s guests and looks forward to meeting you personally during her graveyard shift.

Cell: 760-801-6576 Email:

Bobbi Geddes - Casino Host


While Bobbi’s background is in the culinary arts, she has spent the last 10 years in the gaming industry here in Southern California. Bobbi says, “Creating a memorable experience for a guest isn’t like following a recipe, it takes attentiveness and a willingness to improvise.  Every guest is different.” It’s her ability to listen and to anticipate guest needs that make Bobbi a perfect addition to the Pala team. She looks forward to making your experience unique and memorable.

Cell:760-801-3690 Email:

Gloria Corona - Executive Casino Host


“I am happiest when I am giving back,” says Casino Host Gloria Corona. One could argue that this is an understatement. A good portion of Gloria’s career has been spent helping children with special needs and donating her time as a Spanish-to-English translator. Gloria’s selfless devotion to others is what lead her to a career in gaming. She enjoys offering guests a gaming experience customized to their specific interests and tastes, previously as a VIP agent in the Hotel Reservations Department and now in her current capacity as a casino host. Look for Gloria during the day shift.

Cell: 760-801-3216 Email:

Arthur Crystal - Casino Host


Art started his career in the casino industry 8 years ago with a local California casino. Coupled with his previous experience and as a graduate of Southern Illinois University and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Art’s guest service skills are vast and he knows exactly what guests want and need. Pala Casino Spa and Resort is lucky to have Art as part of the Host Department. Please allow Art to help you plan a getaway to Pala sometime soon and look for Art during the day shift.

Cell: 760-801-5023 Email:

Marie Pitts - Senior Executive Casino Host

Joining Pala Casino Spa Resort in 2007, Marie has over 20 years experience in the service and hospitality industries. Having spent time in two other departments here at Pala, Marie has an extensive understanding of casino operations but she feels most at home working directly with our valued guests. In her free time Marie enjoys poetry and as well as reading and writing fiction works. You can find Marie on the casino floor providing Pala guests with her unique brand of spectacular personalized service. Stop her to say hello.

Cell: 760-497-6339 Email:

Tyler Tuomi - Executive Casino Host

Tyler was born and raised in Southern California spending most of his life in Valley Center. He grew up in a household with six siblings. Before coming to work for Pala he worked in the food service industry for three years. He started his career with Pala Casino Spa Resort in 2005 first in the Guest Services at the Hotel.  Four years later in November of 2009, he accepted the position of Host Ambassador and in less than a year he was promoted to his current position of Casino Host. Tyler enjoys meeting new people, making new friends and loves working for Pala Casino.

Cell: 760-801-7210 Email:

Ting Li - Executive Asian Casino Host

Ting was born in mainland China and came to the U.S. at a very young age; she is fluent in Mandarin and English. Ting has an extensive background in guest service. Ting enjoys traveling to different countries to explore and discover other cultures. She takes pleasure in helping others and will make you feel at home here at Pala Casino Spa Resort. Ting is very excited to join the Pala Casino Host Team. Please say hello to her during your next visit Pala.

Cell: 760-801-4770 Email:

Neyda Torres - Casino Host

Neyda joined Pala Casino Spa Resort in the summer of 2009 as a Privileges Card Representative; two years later, she was promoted to Host Ambassador. Recently, Neyda was promoted to her current position as a Casino Host. She achieved each promotion due to her dedication to guest service and with her winning personality and her warm and pleasant demeanor. Neyda was born and raised in Southern California and is currently pursuing her certification as an EMT. You will find Neyda in Elite Services assisting Pala’s Elite guests and providing superior service.

Cell: 760-801-3643 Email:

Vicky Parker - Casino Host

Vicky was born in Los Angeles and grew-up in San Diego. She is fluent in Spanish, French, and English is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Accounting. Vicky began her Pala Career in 2009 as a cashier at Choices Buffet. She joined the Guest Development Team as a Host Ambassador; recently she was promoted to Casino Host. Her favorite things to do are learning, reading, traveling but most importantly spending time with her Family.

Cell: 760-801-3267 Email:

Pao Wei - Asian Casino Host

Pao Wei was born in Taipei, Taiwan and came to the U.S. at the age of 9. He attended Rio Hondo College and DeVry University where studied Computer Information System. Pao discovered however, that he enjoys being around and meeting new people and decided to go into the service industry and became a general manager of a well known fast food restaurant for over 15 years. Pao’s dream is to travel and see different places. Pao is fluent in English, Mandarin, Taiwanese and has vast understanding of the Chinese culture. Pao is looking forward to meeting you on your next visit.

Cell: 760-801-1459 Email:

Queenie Zhang - Asian Casino Host

Queenie Zhang was born in mainland China and enjoyed a professional singing career in Shenzhen and Hong Kong China before completing her college education at Shenzhen University where she majored in English. She is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. In 1995 she came to Seattle, WA as an exchange student completing another college degree in Travel and Tourism. Queenie worked as a language teacher and school administrator at Washington International School before moving to Southern California in 2005. She started her casino career in 2005 and joined Pala in the Poker room in 2009 prior to becoming Asian Casino Host. She has extensive understanding and comprehension of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Southeast Asian cultures. She enjoys cooking, traveling and the 4 P’s - Painting, Ping-pong, Pool, and Poker. She also loves to meet people and share the happiness with others. Queenie is looking forward to meeting you and helping you with any gaming, reservation or spa needs.

Cell: 760-802-4520 Email:

Davy Sueppel - Casino Host

Davy was Born and raised in Oceanside California. He is a very creative and detail oriented person, making his background in graphic design and guest service so perfect. When Davy is not working, he loves to stay busy: spontaneous trips to Disneyland with friends, painting, and always seeking new adventures are among his favorite activities. Davy transferred from Pala Privileges as a Slot Club Attendant to become a Host Ambassador in June of 2012, within a few months he was promoted to Casino Host. He is a caring individual who loves to see others happy. Look for Davy during your next visit, he is sure to enhance your Pala Experience.

Cell: 760-801-4314 Email:

Yen Nguyen - Executive Asian Casino Host

Yen was born and raised in San Diego,CA. She is fluent in Vietnamese and has a vast understanding of the Vietnamese culture. She has 10 years of experience in guest service and is excited to rejoin the host team. Yen enjoys meeting new people, making new friends and helping others. She is looking forward to providing you with the best guest service and to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of the Pala experience.

Cell: 760.801.4747 Email:

Anastasia Ferran - Casino Host

Anastasia was at University of New Mexico studying Anthropology when an opportunity to travel to Europe presented itself. She visited her family in Germany as well as France and the Czech Republic. Upon her return to the US in 2008, she decided to move to California. She came to Pala in 2010 as a Counter Attendant before she joined the Host Department in 2012. Anastasia was a Host Ambassador for two years before her promotion to Casino Host in Elite Services. Please make sure to say hello to her at your next visit. She is looking forward to ensuring your visit is a memorable one.

Cell: 760-801-3169 Email:

Gary Saunders II - Executive Casino Host

Gary was born in Washington DC. The family moved from coast to coast and eventually settled in California in 2002. He became more diverse because of the exposure to different cultures. Gary began his Pala casino career in the Food and Beverage Department in 2009. He joined the Host Department in October of 2013 as a Host Ambassador and in less than two years was promoted to Casino Host. Say hello to Gary and give him the chance to wow you next time you’re here.

Cell: 760-532-8320 Email:

Christopher Tegel - Casino Host

Christopher Tegel is excited to be a part of Guest Development as a Casino Host where he can utilize his previous experience in customer service, sales, safety & compliance, and as a DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area. He moved his family to Southern California in 2004 for warmer summers. He enjoys meeting new people and making a difference in everyday life experiences. Chris cannot wait to meet you to make your visits something to talk about.

Cell: 760-801-3373 Email:

Shannon Miyaji - Casino Host

Shannon Miyaji was born and raised in Hawaii. He worked in the Tourism industry in Waikiki for over six years before coming to Southern California with a detour in the U.S. Army in the communications field. His background, his Aloha spirit, and his gentle demeanor makes him a perfect fit to provide you with the best memorable experience here at Pala. Look for him on the casino floor and allow him to welcome you, Aloha style!

Cell: 760-693-0196 Email:

Brittney Neal - Casino Host

Brittney was born in Dallas, Texas and spent most of her childhood there before relocating with her family to Southern California. She has over 16 years of customer service experience with a background in the logistics and service industry. She is excited about her career change as a Casino Host at Pala Casino Spa and Resort and looks forward to meeting you.

Cell: 760-879-2947 Email:

Allison Briggs - Casino Host

Allison was born in New Jersey and grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She comes to Pala with experience in the gaming industry and was recently a slot supervisor in another casino. Allison’s charismatic personality is sure to make you feel at home at Pala. Say hello to her whenever you are at Pala or call her before coming so she can make sure your accommodations are in top notch.

Cell: 760-897-6967 Email:

Justin Mertan - Casino Host

Born in Southern California, Justin spent most of his life in Temecula, CA. Justin began his career at Pala in 2009 at the Pala mini mart/Subway. He joined the Guest Development department in 2011 as a Slot Club Attendant. He became a Host Ambassador in 2013 and was recently promoted to Casino Host. He is an avid film buff and his free time is spent on trips to Los Angeles and Hollywood. Justin is looking forward to meeting you on your next visit.

Cell: 760-234-5675 Email:

Forest Chen - Casino Host

Forest’s diverse cultural background includes living in Tibet, China, Australia, and England. He is fluent in Chinese and English and has a degree in International Business and International Relationship from University of San Diego. Forest is ready and looking forward to assist you on your next trip to Pala. His beaming smile and friendly personality will welcome you and ensure that your visits are pleasant and joyful.

Cell: 760-801-4638 Email:

Ebony Jenkins - Casino Host

Ebony was born in Portsmouth, Virginia and spent most of her childhood living in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Okinawa, Japan while her parents served in the Marine Corps. Her early exposure to other cultures has given her a deep appreciation for diversity and suitable to be a casino host. She comes to Pala with over 13 years of customer service and retail experience. Ebony’s warm smile and friendly personality will welcome you and ensure you will have the time of your life during your visit.

Cell: 760-693-6939 Email:

Leonard Greene - Executive Casino Host

Leonard joined the Guest Development team in 2016. He brings with him over 15 years of hosting experience from Arizona and Southern California. Prior to becoming a host, Leonard was a Public and Media Relations person for professional basketball teams, television, and radio stations in the Phoenix area. When he is not on the casino floor, Leonard enjoys spending time with his family as well as indulging in his passion for fine wine and hope to be a Sommelier one day. Leonard is looking forward to making your next visit to Pala Casino Resort & Spa simply outstanding.

Cell: 760-275-8632 Email:

Michael Sharwin - Executive Casino Host

Michael was born in Southern California and raised in the Palm Springs area. He has over 10 years of experience in the gaming and hospitality industry. Michael prides himself in providing the level of service that makes each guest’s visit go from ordinary to exceptional. His winning smile is sure to catch your attention and he looks forward to meeting you on your next visit.

Cell: 760-879-3330 Email:

Marcelino Talavera - Casino Host

My name is Marcelino but almost everybody knows me as JR. I grew up most of my life in Temecula and I am currently attending Cal State San Marcos majoring in Business with a focus on Accounting. I have been at Pala Casino Spa and Resort for five years starting off at the Cage then to the Slot department and now as a Casino Host. I enjoy being around people especially whenever I have an opportunity to make them smile. I am looking forward to meeting you and putting a smile on your face.

Cell: 760-801-6412 Email:

Sean Chau - Casino Host

Sean was born and raised in Vietnam and came to the United States when he was 12 year old. He is fluent in Vietnamese and English and has an innate knowledge of the Vietnamese culture. Sean comes to Pala having worked in the food service industry for over 20 years and as a restaurant manager for over 15 years. He enjoys guest service and interacting people. He believes a smile goes a long way, therefore comes to work every day with a smile and ready to make your visit something to smile about.

Cell: 760-802-4513 Email:

Kim Pham - Executive Casino Host

Kim Pham was born in Vietnam and speaks Vietnamese and English fluently. She has a degree in Liberal Studies and Mathematics. She joins Pala Casino’s Host Department with extensive hospitality and customer service experience from having owned and operated an award winning Southeast Asian restaurant in the Temecula Valley. Kim is very excited to join the Pala Team and is looking forward to providing you with the very best guest service.

Cell: 760-801-3120 Email:

Chris Adelmann - Casino Host

Chris began his casino career nine years ago and came to Pala in 2012. During his career at Pala, Chris has been an EMT with Guest Safety, a Slot Attendant, and now a Casino Host. With a vast knowledge of the property from the highest hotel room to the farthest RV Resort parking spot and everywhere in between, Chris is here to meet all your needs and make you feel at home!

Cell: 760-801-4693 Email:

Amanda Dorchuck - Casino Host

Born in Southern California, Amanda spent most of her life in the Temecula and La Quinta region. She began her career at Pala in 2014 in Room Reservations and was recently promoted to a Casino Host earlier this year. Amanda is thrilled to join the Casino Host Team and is looking forward to meeting you on your next visit and making it a great trip!

Cell: 760-215-7324 Email:

Daniel Winter - Casino Host

Daniel was born in Washington, raised in Idaho, attended high school & college in Central California. He has lived in the San Diego and Temecula region for the past 30 years. Daniel has worked the past 15 years in the insurance industry and was excited to join Pala as a Host Ambassador at the end of 2014. In 2016, Daniel was promoted to Casino Host and he is looking forward to meeting you on your next visit, so come on down – he can’t wait to congratulate you on your next jackpot!

Cell: 760-693-7397 Email:

Sunga Jung - Asian Casino Host

Born in Seoul, Korea, Sung worked in the financial industry for over five years as a VIP financial consultant. Dealing with multi-cultural clients, Sung realized that guest relation and guest development is the path she would enjoy to follow. Sung is fluent in English and Korean and is a welcome addition to Pala’s unsurpassed guest service reputation. Call Sung anytime and let her prove to you that Pala is the only gaming destination that you will ever want to visit.

Cell: 760-801-4600 Email:

Sophia Song - Director of Korean Player Development

Sophia was born in Seoul, Korea. Her family later moved to Iran at the age of 12 and finally settled in the US during high school. Before joining the gaming industry, she was in international trading and logistics for 20 years. On her spare time, Sophia enjoys golf, theater, and spending time with her children. Sophia is fluent in both English and Korean and as the Director of Korean Player Development at Pala Casino Spa Resort, she is excited to make sure that your time at Pala will be your most memorable gaming experience.

Cell: 760-801-4647 Email:

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