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Gift Of The Month

Win a Gift Each Month! Just step up to one of our Gift of the Month kiosks and play to win!

Win a Gift Each Month! Collect them all! Just step up to one of our Gift of the Month kiosks and play to win!

  • Find the two hidden Pala logos within the gift boxes and receive the gift of the month
  • One free game per month, plus for every 10 Tier Points you earn in a 24-hour period you can play the kiosk game again that day
  • For every 10 Tier Points earned in a 24-hour period, one box will be removed from the game screen (Tier Points do not carry over once played)
  • The more Tier Points you earn, the better your chance to win!
  • New gift or gift set featured each month! (while supplies last)

Collect them all!

Must be present to win

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Rules and Regulations

  • You must be enrolled in our Pala Privileges Club to be eligible for this promotion. Enrollment is free. Once enrolled, you are entitled to play the Gift of the Month promotion game once per month, with no play required.
  • You can earn additional games at a rate of one free game for every 10 or more Tier Points earned within a 24-hour period.
  • You may choose two gift boxes on the Gift of the Month kiosk game to see what they contain. If you find two Pala logos within the gift boxes, you will win the Gift of the Month.
  • For every 10 Tier Points earned in a 24-hour period, or from the time the last game was played, whichever is less, one gift box is taken off the screen for the next game. Up to the total number of boxes, minus two, can be removed from the screen, which would result in a guaranteed win.
  • Winners of the Gift of the Month will receive a voucher from the kiosk with the prize. Take the voucher to the Privileges Center with your Privileges Card and I.D. to receive your gift. Limit one gift or gift set per month, while supplies last.
  • When you swipe your card at the kiosk, you will have an option to either play the game by selecting the boxes on the screen, or choose the "Play Later" button on the screen which will allow you to accumulate more Tier Points in that 24-hour period before playing the game and increase your chances to win. Tier Points reset every 24-hour period or after each completed game.
  • Pala Casino is not responsible for any lost, stolen or mutilated Gift of the Month vouchers, and must be redeemed within 24-hours of the date and time of receipt.

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