Body Treatments

Dry Brush Treatment

This brisk exfoliation with a honeycomb body mitt will stimulate blood flow and cellular renewal. Perfect alone or as an add-on to any massage.

25 minutes $40

Seasonal Body Polish

Your experience will begin with a vitamin-enriched exfoliation, followed by a shea butter application to renew your skin’s radiance. Your skin will feel nourished and pampered!

50 minutes $105

Seasonal Body Envelopment

A full body, dry brush exfoliation followed by a nourishing sea mud masque envelopment will invigorate and soothe your body simultaneously. A scalp massage further enhances your relaxation.

50 minutes $105

Morning Mist: Gentle Scrub Massage and Warm Compress

To revive your skin to a morning glow, your therapist massages your full body with a gentle sugar scrub infused with soothing botanical oil. As mother earth is warmed by the sun and the dew from the night glistens, your glowing body is nurtured with a steamy compress of herb-soaked towels, dissolving the sugar and nourishing your skin.

80 minutes $180