Swedish Massage

This classic massage relaxes the body and improves circulation. Swedish massage is a traditional European technique that involves the use of oil and long strokes of the muscles. If you are looking for a calming massage, this is ideal (light to medium pressure).

50 or 80 minutes $105 or $165 / add aromatherapy oil $15

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses a deeper therapeutic method to help alleviate tension by releasing tightness and reducing muscle pain. This firm massage is not recommended for the first-time spa guest (medium to firm pressure).

50 or 80 minutes $120 or $180 / add aromatherapy oil $15

Pala Rain Massage

Your journey begins with a layering of aromatherapy oil blends and is performed with a light pressure effleurage for deep relaxation. A gentle therapeutic rain mist is applied to further alleviate tension and create a state of peacefulness (light pressure effleurage).

50 or 80 minutes $125 or $185

Asian Massage

Asian-inspired techniques that include firm acupressure applied to various points along meridian lines. These ancient techniques open energy pathways to promote relaxation and overall well-being. Please prepare to arrive in loose clothing for better comfort during this treatment (medium to firm pressure).

50 or 80 minutes $120 or $180

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

This abbreviated massage helps relieve tension by working on the high stress muscles of the back, neck and shoulders. A perfect treatment to relieve tension if you are short on time.

25 minutes $65 / add aromatherapy oil $15

Foot Reflexology

Soothe your tired feet with this rejuvenating treatment. Your therapy begins with an invigorating foot scrub followed by a pressure point massage to stimulate energy pathways.

25 minutes $65

Palomar Stone Massage

Heated stones are an ancient healing tradition used to warm the muscles using Swedish techniques. The deep penetrating warmth will melt away your tension and leave you feeling rested and relaxed (light to medium pressure).

50 or 80 minutes $125 or $185 / add aromatherapy oil $15

Mother-To-Be Massage

This full body massage is specifically designed for expectant mothers seeking comfort and relaxation. Using safe and effective pre-natal techniques, this massage will gently ease tension and create a calm sense of well-being. Massage during pregnancy can be enjoyed after your first trimester (light pressure effleurage).

50 minutes $120

Couples Massage

Share your massage experience side-by-side in one of our Signature Spa Suites designed for couples. Please request at time of reservation.

$10 upgrade is added to each massage selection

Heated Facial Mask

Elevate your massage experience with this soothing self-heating mask with benefits to detoxify and hydrate your skin.

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