Swedish Massage

This classic massage relaxes the body and improves circulation. Swedish massage is a traditional European technique that involves the use of oil, long strokes and light-to-medium pressure. If you are looking for a calming massage, this is ideal. This should definitely be the massage of choice if you’re a first-time spa visitor.

50 or 80 minutes $105 or $165

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses a deeper, therapeutic method to help alleviate tension by releasing tightness and reducing muscle pain. This firm massage is not recommended for the first time spa-visitor or women who may be pregnant.

50 or 80 minutes $120 or $185

Traditional Asian Massage

This service is done in loose clothing and encourages the release of blocked energy. We use Asian-inspired techniques including acupressure and stretching, while firm pressure is applied to various points along your meridian lines. Unblocking these energy pathways will help promote relaxation and overall well-being.

50 or 80 minutes $120 or $180

Foot Reflexology

This healing massage stimulates energy pathways. Your service will begin with a brief foot scrub using finely ground fresh Sea Salt, followed by a pressure point massage promoting relaxation.

25 minutes $65

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

This abbreviated massage helps relieve tension by working on the high stress muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. This is the perfect treatment to relieve tension if you are short on time.

25 minutes $65

Seasonal Body Butter

Enrich and moisturize your skin by enjoying a rich shea butter massage. After using a combination of techniques to facilitate your relaxation and rejuvenation, your therapist will present you with a small gift of this nourishing product to continue your spa experience at home! Your skin will be healthy and hydrated.

50 or 80 minutes $130 or $190

Palomar Stone

In this ancient healing journey, heated stones are used to massage the body and warm the muscles. Utilizing Swedish techniques, the deep penetrating warmth and scent of Wild Mint and Sage organic oil will melt away your tension, and you will experience peacefulness and relaxation.

50 or 80 minutes $125 or $185

Desert Rain: Aroma Mist Treatment and Full Body Massage

As the rain begins to pour against the warm desert, the scents of the earth unfold. Your spine will be adorned with small warm stones, to gently release tension as
a light mist of healing aroma-rain caresses your back. Your journey begins as your body is massaged with a layering of aromatherapy oils, blooming its unique scent
as a desert flower after the rain.

50 or 80 minutes $120 or $180

Couples Massage

Experience the afore-mentioned massages side-by-side in one of our Signature Spa Suites designed for couples. This luxurious accommodation is available for an upgrade of $10 per person. Please request this suite specifically at the time of reservation.