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Pala Organic Journey

Our bodies walk a path between heaven and earth on a planet that is mostly made of water. We take moments to watch the rain, notice a creek, river or stream and are enlivened by the waterfall no matter how small it may be.

Let us take you on a journey to be nurtured by movements inspired by water and the native plants that have thrived for centuries in our region. A journey that will wash away time and concern, a journey that opens you to listen, a journey that reminds you of a path so you may return to your community with more of a sense of you.

Desert Rain: Aroma Rain Treatment and Full Body Massage

As the rain begins to pour against the warm desert, the scents of the earth unfold. Your spine will be adorned with small warm stones, to gently release tension as a light mist of healing aroma-rain caresses your back. Your journey begins as your body is massaged with a layering of aromatherapy oils, blooming its unique scent as a desert flower after the rain.
50 minutes or 80 minutes $120 or $180

Dry Creek: Therapeutic Powder Massage

Transcend with the scent of Juniper Citrus to cleanse the mind and awaken the spirit, acknowledging your body as a whole. Your body is caressed with smooth strokes and our signature silky, organic powder soothes the skin and stills your soul.
50 minutes $120

Morning Mist: Gentle Scrub Massage and Warm Compress

To revive your skin to a morning glow, your therapist massages your full body with a gentle sugar scrub infused with soothing botanical oil. As mother earth is warmed by the sun and the dew from the night glistens, your glowing body is nurtured with a steamy compress of herb-soaked towels, dissolving the sugar and nourishing your skin.
80 minutes $180

Running Stream: Signature Pedicure

As your arches rest on warm river rocks, your calves will be revived with a purifying pour of herbal tea, creating a soothing foot bath that begins your ritual.
A dark chocolate and orange exfoliation prepares your skin for a custom blended clay mask. Further soothe your senses with a raindrop layering of organic oil and a therapeutic foot massage. Feel nurtured as you transcend on your journey.
80 minutes $75

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