Pala strives to recycle everything and encourages team members’ green ideas with a special e-mail address to receive those ideas and a monthly award program. Environmental awareness is included in the orientation process for all new team members.

Ongoing recycling initiatives include:

  • Recycling bins located at all team-member entrances
  • Recycled all metal from demolition for casino expansion
  • Shrink wrap, newspapers, plastic and paper
  • Linens and towels into rags
  • Battery collection installed and battery recycling program
  • Agreement with Standard Bio-Diesel, Inc. and Ventura Oil Co. to recycle cooking oil into bio-diesel fuel for distribution in the San Diego area
  • Obsolete, electronic slot machine parts
  • Private label water re-packaged in 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate (REPT) bottles
  • Hotel mattresses replaced and include Healthsmart tops for washing and extending mattress life
  • All mattresses recycled
  • Obsolete furniture and TVs from expansion recycled or donated
  • Obsolete non-logo uniforms donated
  • Banquet linen hangars recycled with vendor