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Noodles: Seafood Udon

May 27, 2019

We ❤️ Seafood Udon from Noodles because it has shrimp, fish cake, scallops AND squid! ? It's the perfect all-in-one! ? What's your favorite type of wok-fried noodles? #PalaCasino

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Noodles: Beef Bulgogi

May 22, 2019

Today we decided to kick our Beef Bulgogi up a notch by drenching it in Sriracha! ?? What sauce do you like to pour over your entree from Noodles? #PalaCasino

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Noodles: Orange Chicken

May 8, 2019

The smell of Orange Chicken from Noodles is THE BEST! ? And that first bite! ? What's your favorite entree from Noodles? #PalaCasino

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Noodles: Pad Thai

April 24, 2019

Pile on the shrimp & chicken because we're ready to devour this Pad Thai from Noodles! ? What are your favorite type of Wok-Fried Noodles? ? #PalaCasino

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Noodles: Kung Pao Chicken

April 10, 2019

The spice in this Kung Pao Chicken will leave you reaching for your Thai Iced Tea! ?? What's your favorite dish at Noodles? ? #PalaCasino

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Noodles: Cantonese Crispy Chow-Mein

March 27, 2019

Cantonese Crispy Chow-Mein + Shrimp is how we like to spend our lunch break at Noodles! ? Or if you don't like shrimp you can have yours with chicken, beef or seafood! ?? #PalaCasino

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