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Choices, The Buffet: Steak

If only we could smell the delicious steaks through the computer! Tomorrow we're spending our Labor Day at Choices, The Buffet! #PalaCasino Read More

The Oak Room: 8-Layer Chocolate Cake

Celebrate your next special occasion with us at The Oak Room! *Note: Celebration not necessary to order 8-Layer Cake* #PalaCasino Read More

Choices, The Buffet: Seafood Sauté Station

Have you tried the Seafood Sauté Station at Choices, The Buffet? Start by selecting shrimp, clams or mussels (or all three, we won't judge!) Then, our chef will toss in whichever additions you want including mushrooms, jalapenos, pineapple, peppers, tomato, cilantro, onions, etc. Want an additional kick to your dinner? Our chef will add whiskey, tequila or vodka to finish cooking your meal! The Seafood Sauté Station is available during dinner time on Friday, Saturday & Sunday! #PalaCasino Read More

The Oak Room: Jumbo Potato Prawns

The Oak Room presents its appetizer special for the weekend: Jumbo Potato Prawns with a side of Jelly Sauce #PalaCasino Read More

The Oak Room: Blackened Mako Shark

Going to the concert tonight? Make sure to join us at The Oak Room for tonight's special: Blackened Mako Shark over Squash Noodles and Marble Medley Potatoes with Yellow Pepper Sauce and Chive Oil! #PalaCasino Read More

Poolside Café & Bar: Spiced Banana Daiquiri

Poolside Café & Bar is rolling out new Specialty Cocktails including a Spiced Banana Daiquiri! See you at the pool! #PalaCasino Read More

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