How To Play

There are 38 cards in the deck representing the 38 numbers on the table layout (1-36, 0 and 00). Four cards are dealt facedown in four colored boxes on the layout. The color of the wheel pocket the ball lands in determines which card is the Play card. The Play card determines the winning number on the table. The rules and payoffs on Pala Roulette are precisely the same as standard Las Vegas-style Roulette, with the addition of the Super Green Bet:
As a unique betting opportunity on Pala Roulette, players may wager that the ball will fall into a green pocket and the corresponding card turned over in the green box will be one of the two green numbers (0 or 00). This bet pays 275-to-1.

Inside Bets

One Number
Pays 35-to-1. This is a wager on any single number from 1 to 36, 0 or 00. Place your bet directly on the number you choose.

Two Numbers
Pays 17-to-1. To choose two adjacent numbers, place your chip (or chips) on the line between the two numbers.

Three Numbers
Pays 11-to-1. To choose a row of three numbers, position your bet on the line that separates the inside and outside betting areas. To choose 0, 00 and 2 (basket), place your bet on the intersection of the three numbers.

Four Numbers
Pays 8-to-1. To make this bet, place a wager on a four-number intersection.

Five Numbers
Pays 6-to-1. This is a wager on the 0, 00 and first row of three numbers. Place your bet between the 0/00 row and the three-number row on the line that divides the inside and outside betting areas.

Six Numbers
Pays 5-to-1. Place your bet between two three-number rows on the line that divides the inside and outside betting areas.

Outside Bets

12-Number Column
Pays 2-to-1. Place your wager on the column of your choice at the opposite end of the table from 0/00.

12-Number Numerical
Pays 2-to-1. Place your bet on the 1st 12 (1-12), 2nd 12 (13-24) or 3rd 12 (25-36).

Red or Black
Pays 1-to-1. There are 18 numbers of each color. To make this wager, place your chips on the red or black bar (near the Pala logo).

Odd or Even
Pays 1-to-1. There are 18 odd and 18 even numbers. Place your bet on ODD or EVEN.

High or Low

Pays 1-to-1. The 18 low numbers are 1 to 18 ; the 18 high numbers are 19 to 36.