We all know losing hurts. But to a problem gambler, it can become an obsession.

Problem gambling is an emotional illness that is defined as an uncontrolled urge to gamble. The problem gambler will seek relief through even more gambling. And the results are often devastating. Repeated gambling will eventually affect and literally destroy the financial and emotional states of both the gambler and his/her family.

Like other compulsive disorders, this disease does not discriminate based on age, race, religion, sex or even financial or social status. Anyone could become a problem gambler. But there is good news. Once the problem is identified, successful treatment is available.

The Warning Signs

  • Lost time away from work or the family
  • Unhappy home life due to gambling
  • Borrowing money to gamble or pay gambling debts
  • Gambling to obtain money for debts
  • Lying about the amount of time and money spent on gambling
  • Selling or pawning personal possessions to get money to gamble
  • Gambling more money in an attempt to win back losses (chasing)
  • Gambling until your last dollar is gone
  • Feelings of hopelessness, depression, or suicide as a result of gambling

Help Is On The Way

If you or someone you know is feeling the fear, frustration or anger associated with problem gambling, there is a place you can go to get help. Just call for local treatment and support groups in your area.


Caring and knowledgeable counselors can provide information and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your phone call will be completely confidential and will be answered by someone who understands your needs and will not judge or further your pain. You are not alone.

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Winners know when to quit. Gamble responsibly.