Embrace the essence of the Pala Spa as you enjoy our signature rituals. Your experience will be enhanced if you are able to take the time before your service begins to engage in pre-treatment in the sauna or steam room for 15 minutes.

Ceremonial Bath & Massage Ritual

Relaxation awaits you with this ancient tradition of bathing to restore physical and mental harmony. You will be selecting an aromatherapy color in tune with your own personal energy. Following your bath therapy, you will experience a French Polynesian massage which is an authentic and ancestral massage created centuries ago by Polynesian tribal healers. This massage consists of deep reaching pressure, long uninterrupted and continuous strokes to induce an immediate release of tension and an awakening of the body’s natural energy.

80 minutes $190

Moroccan Body Ritual

Indulge in this century old tradition that begins with an exfoliating cleanse using Beldi black soap, consisting of cedar, cinnamon, and eucalyptus essential oils. Our Ritual continues with a Moroccan massage using warm spice and Argan oils, that will deeply nourish and rejuvenate your skin. This massage utilizes a combination of rhythmic movements that aids in relaxation of the body and mind.

80 min $195